Casino Managers


Employment Prospects


Every casino has a casino manager, so opportunities are fair throughout the country wherever casinos are located. Employment will be driven by the increased popularity of casinos and other gambling establishments. Additionally, according to 2018 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), states that do not currently have legalized gaming may allow new casinos to be built over the next decade in an effort to bring in more tax revenues. This would bring new jobs in the future.

While individuals my find employment in any casino in the world, the greatest number of positions will be located in areas where there is a large concentration of casinos. These areas include Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada; Biloxi, Louisiana; Atlantic City, New Jersey; and parts of California. Other regions hosting commercial and Indian gaming, both land based and riverboat gaming facilities and cruise ships offer additional opportunities.

Starting Out

Casino manager jobs are not entry-level positions. These are high level jobs which require extensive experience in the gaming industry. Most individuals started out working as dealers and then obtained experience as floor persons, pit bosses, and shift bosses. It is often easier to obtain a job in a smaller casino and then after getting experience in position, applying for a similar job in a larger facility.

Advancement Prospects

Casino managers may climb the career ladder in a number of ways. Some individuals obtain experience and then locate similar jobs in larger or more prestigious casinos. This results in increased responsibilities and earnings. Others are promoted to positions such as casino general manager or the vice president of casino operations. 

It is important to note that there are no hard and fast rules for climbing the career ladder in the gaming industry. While work performance is important, advancement in this and many other casino jobs is based on experience, education, training, employee attitude, customer service, and of course individual career aspirations.

Casinos like to promote from within. The best way to advance your career in a casino is to get your foot in the door, get experience, learn new skills and then look for opportunities of interest to you. Look for classes or seminars offered in either casino management or another area of the gaming industry. In addition to learning new things, these classes give you the opportunity to network and meet new people who are often helpful in pushing your career to a new level. Similarly, try to attend gaming conferences and expos. The Global Gaming Expo (G2E), presented annually by the American Gaming Association (AGA) is one of the largest gaming expos in the world and offers a plethora of seminars in a variety of areas. It is a great way to network and meet potential new employers. Read more about it online at their Web site https://www.globalgamingexpo.com/.

Tips for Entry

People visit casinos from all over the world. Note other languages in which you are fluent on your application or during your interview. While not required, the ability to speak a second language will often give one applicant an edge over another.

Gaming companies often contact search firms and recruiters that deal specifically in the gaming industry when looking for upper management. Seek out companies such as Casino Recruiter (http://casinorecruiter.com) or Bentley Price (https://bentleyprice.com/casino-gaming/) to get more information. You can also do a Google search to locate others. 

One of the best ways to make contacts within the gaming industry is to attend conferences and conventions. The largest is the Global Game Expo, held annually in Las Vegas. Learn more about them online at: https://www.globalgamingexpo.com/.

Visit casino job Web sites such as Casino Careers (http://www.casinocareers.com/) to search for general job openings.