Clinical Research Coordinators


Employment Prospects


Clinical research coordinators work for research facilities, universities, hospitals, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and site management organizations. Most employers prefer entry-level coordinators who have several years of clinical research experience.

Starting Out

Competition for clinical research coordinators jobs is keen because the work is interesting and there are typically more applicants than available jobs. Coordinators often get their start through an internship or part-time job in an organization that conducts clinical research. They also find job listings through their school's career services office, professional associations for clinical research professionals, and through online employment Web sites.

Advancement Prospects

Clinical research coordinators with years of experience working on clinical research trials advance by taking on more responsibilities throughout the research project. They may be promoted to senior clinical research coordinators and earn higher wages. They also advance by becoming certified and learning new skills such as in certain software programs and data management for clinical research studies. Experienced clinical research coordinators also move into teaching, speaking at conferences and events for clinical research professionals, and writing articles for industry-related journals.

Tips for Entry

Learn more about career opportunities in clinical research and find publications and resources at the career sections of these professional associations' Web sites:

  • Society of Clinical Research Associates:; Association of Clinical Research Professionals:

Search for clinical research coordinator job listings and other resources through LinkedIn,

Find helpful links and information about professional development for research coordinators on Harvard Catalyst, part of the Harvard Clinical and Transactional Science Center,

Learn more about clinical trial methodologies, protocols, commentaries, and results by reading the International Journal of Clinical Trials,

Visit for advice on landing a job as a clinical research coordinator.