Military Police


Exploring this Job

Enlisted personnel train to become military police, so a first step before choosing a career as a military police officer is to decide on the military branch that interests you. Visit the Web sites of the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Marines to learn more about their protective services divisions and military police careers. Speak with recruiters from the different branches to find out what they can offer you and what is required. Through the recruiter you may also have the opportunity to connect with someone who is already serving as a military police officer. Ask if you can schedule a time to talk to them to learn more about their experience in the field and find out the pros and cons before enlisting.

The Job

Military police protect the lives of military personnel and the property of the various military branches. Their work is similar to that of civilian police officers but the difference is that they work on military bases as well as in environments specific to the military branch. Whether on land, sea, or airborne, they are responsible for enforcing military laws and regulations. The U.S. Army describes the main functions of military police as reconnaissance and surveillance, site security and response, law enforcement, internment operations, and police intelligence.

Military police have job duties that include law enforcement patrols, controlling traffic, crime scene security and processing, and arresting and charging criminal suspects. They monitor activities at gates and entryways to military bases in the United States and around the world. They may conduct security patrols by car, boat, and/or aircraft. Depending on their specialty and level of experience, they may investigate crimes and interview witnesses, victims, and suspects. In the Navy, police work in the Law Enforcement and Security division. In addition to providing security and protection for service members, they conduct waterborne security patrols and may also be tasked with operating brigs, among other duties. Military police control crowds and sometimes work with local police forces to provide area security. They also guard inmates in military correctional facilities.