Military Police


Military Police


Military police are enlisted military personnel who are employed as law enforcement professionals in the various military branches. They work in the protective services division, with the main purpose being to enforce military laws and regulations and to respond to emergency situations. They work on military bases and at military training centers. Their work includes controlling traffic and preventing crime. According to the Department of Labor, in June 2019, there were a combined total of 1.3 million people on active duty, with 75,...

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All military personnel are paid according to a pay scale that is established by the U.S. government. The pay is based on a grade level, which is determined by years of experience and advanced training in the field. The pay for equivalent grades is the same in all services; for example, individuals with a grade of E-4 will have the same basic pay in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Coast ...

Work Environment

Military police work indoors and outdoors at military bases. They conduct security patrols on foot as well as in cars, boats, or aircraft, and they work in all weather conditions. They may work at military prisons, guarding inmates. They may also be assigned to control crowds at military as well as civilian events. Military police investigators work in offices and use computers and the Internet...


The outlook for employment of qualified people in the military is very good. The Department of Labor predicts steady employment in the military through 2028. Military duties and employment are directly influenced by political and economic conditions, but the United States will always be in need of armed forces to protect and defend citizens around the world. All military branches will need to f...