Mutual Fund Customer Service Representatives


Employment Prospects


Mutual fund companies are located throughout the U.S. and the world. Many workers in the investment fund industry (i.e., mutual funds, closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds, and unit investment trusts) are employed in Massachusetts, New York, California, Pennsylvania, and Texas. In addition to finding employment in the mutual fund industry, customer service representatives can find related opportunities with hedge funds, at firms that manage the assets of high-net-worth individuals, and at companies and other organizations with customer service departments.  

Starting Out

Visit the Web sites of mutual fund companies to learn more about job opportunities. The Investment Company Institute offers a list of its members at Job-search sites such as and provide CSR job listings. Become active on LinkedIn and other social-networking sites to build your network and get noticed by potential employers. Finally, use the resources of your college’s career service office to learn about job fairs, other networking events, and internships, as well as craft a winning cover letter and resume and practice for job interviews.  

Advancement Prospects

Working in a back-office position such as customer service representative is an excellent way to break into the industry and obtain experience that will allow you to move up in the mutual fund industry. With experience, a CSR at a large firm can advance to the position of customer service manager. Others prefer to follow a financial-related advancement track, becoming associates, then portfolio managers, and finally rising to executive-level positions at their firms.

Tips for Entry

Take English, speech, marketing, public relations, business, and economics classes to build your skills.

Participate in customer service internships while in college to get your foot in the door at prospective employers.

Attend the International Customer Management Institute’s Contact Center Connections Conference ( to network, participate in continuing education opportunities, and to interview for jobs.

Visit the Investment Company Institute’s Web site,, for a list of potential employers.