Education and Training Requirements

High School

You do not need a high school diploma to work as a podcaster, but graduating from high school is one of the best moves you can make in life. A high school diploma (or GED) will open many doors for you, including making you eligible to be admitted to college. High school courses that will be useful to you as a podcaster include computer science, English, and speech. Additionally, if you plan to create a podcast about a particular subject, you should take classes in that area. For example, if you plan to host a podcast about politics, you should take as many history, social studies, and government classes as you can. If you are interested in podcasting about the environment, you should take classes in earth science, biology, environmental science, and chemistry.

Postsecondary Education

Most people treat podcasting as a second career, so it is important to complete educational training that will prepare you for your main job. Podcasters have a wide range of educational backgrounds. Some have degrees in broadcasting and digital media, while others have degrees in biology, law, political science, or mathematics. A podcaster who podcasts about auto repair may have completed an apprenticeship or have a vocational degree in automotive repair.

Certification, Licensing, and Special Requirements

Certification or Licensing

There are no certification or licensing requirements for podcasters.

Experience, Skills, and Personality Traits

Any experience creating podcasts, working on high school radio stations, or in public speaking will be useful for those who aspire to a career in podcasting. 

To be a successful podcaster you must be creative and have excellent communication skills. Depending on the type of podcast, you should be able to entertain others with your knowledge regarding an issue or with your comedic or storytelling ability. You should be good at conducting research, and able to synthesize this research or your opinions into material for your podcast. Podcasters need to have a mastery of podcasting software, as well as marketing and business talent in order to effectively promote their podcasts. Good grammar and a strong speaking voice are a plus (although many podcasters have average speaking voices).