Celebrating Vault’s Top-Ranked Firms for LGBTQ+ Equity: Armanino, Bain, McKinsey, and Schellman

Published: Jun 24, 2021

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In honor of Pride Month, we’re highlighting some of our top-ranked employers for LGBTQ+ equity: Armanino, Bain & Company, McKinsey & Company, and Schellman. These employers are those that professionals rated the highest when it comes to recruiting, mentoring, supporting, and advancing LGBTQ+ individuals. In other words, these are some of the best companies to work for if you’re looking for open, welcoming, equitable, truly inclusive workplace cultures.

Below, in the words of their team members, are what makes these employers among the best for LGBTQ+ individuals.


In the below video, you’ll hear from three Armanino team members: Carol Ann Nash, chief people officer; Vintage Foster, partner; and Brian Mullinax, senior consultant. You’ll hear all three team members speak about Armanino’s open, welcoming culture that goes above and beyond to encourage employees to speak their minds and bring their authentic selves to work. You’ll also hear about a chance meeting that sparked a meaningful professional bond—and personal friendship.


Bain & Company

Krystle Jiang is a consultant in Bain’s Chicago office. Krystle joined Bain two years ago after completing an MBA at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management. Krystle is a member of BGLAD, Bain’s global affinity network for LGBTQ+ individuals which aims to foster a safe, inclusive, empowering workplace environment. In the video below, Krystle speaks about Bain’s welcoming culture, and offers many great tips for LGBTQ+ individuals looking for open, inclusive employers.


McKinsey & Company

Akay Tuncak is the global manager of GLAM, McKinsey’s LGBTQ+ network. In the following video, Akay speaks about how, at McKinsey, diversity, equity, and inclusion is not just talked about but is embedded into the company culture. Akay also speaks about the many initiatives that GLAM is undertaking to benefit its 1,100 members and 12,000 allies across the consulting firm. Akay speaks about mentoring, training, educational opportunities, professional development opportunities, and more.



Ryan Meehan is a senior manager at Schellman and the co-chair of the accounting firm’s Pride affinity group. Ryan has worked for Schellman for almost 10 years and has seen the firm grow from a small company into a mid-sized firm—and into Vault's top-ranked accounting firm for LGBTQ+ equity. In the below video, Ryan speaks about a culture of respect, a core value of encouraging all team members to “come as you are and be who you are,” and other initiatives that make Schellman one of the best accounting firms to work for with respect to LGBTQ+ equity.