Private Equity Compliance Professionals


Private Equity Compliance Professionals


Private equity firms must comply with a variety of U.S. federal laws and regulations, as well as with the rules of self-regulatory organizations. These laws, rules, and regulations pertain to a private equity (PE) firm’s valuation practices, existing compliance programs, regulatory filing obligations, and cybersecurity preparedness, among many other issues. Compliance professionals implement and manage compliance monitoring and reporting programs at private equity firms and their portfolio companies. Only a small number of complianc...

Quick Facts


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Minimum Education Level

Bachelor's Degree



Five to 10 years of experience within an asset management environ



Business Management


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Chief compliance officers at large companies earned salaries that ranged from $135,500 to $271,000, according to Robert Half’s 2020 Salary Guide Accounting & Finance. Robert Half also reports the following salary ranges for other compliance professionals: compliance directors, $117,750 to $211,250; compliance officers, $87,500 to $166,500; senior compliance analysts, $75,000 to $12...

Work Environment

The work environment for compliance professionals can be challenging and stressful. They must keep up to date with increasingly strict and complex regulatory systems, and they can be held accountable by PE firm management and government officials when regulatory infractions occur. At large firms, compliance officers may be assisted by a small staff. At small firms, there may be only one complia...


Employment opportunities should be strong for compliance professionals in the private equity industry, although the number of positions is small. Much of this growth has been spurred by increasing regulation of the financial industry by the U.S. and other governments in response to corporate malfeasance. “Hefty fines and other penalties have jolted companies…into a compliance hiring spree,” acc...