Supply Chain Managers


Supply Chain Managers


Supply chain managers coordinate and manage the production, transportation, and delivery of goods and products. They oversee inventory control, purchasing, and product development. They analyze the production process and make recommendations to improve the efficiency of the workflow and quality of the products while cutting costs. They make sure there are sufficient materials and supplies on hand for production and that there is sufficient inventory to meet customers' demands.

Supply chain managers may have titles such as ind...

Quick Facts


Median Salary



Employment Prospects



Minimum Education Level

Bachelor's Degree



At least five years experience



Business Management


Personality Traits

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The average annual salary for supply chain managers in July 2020 was $112,450, according to Salaries ranged from $87,429 to $145,788 or more. Industrial production managers earned slightly lower salaries on average, but a small percentage earned far more than supply chain managers. The Department of Labor reported that in May 2019, the average annual salary for industrial production...

Work Environment

Supply chain managers work in offices in corporations and manufacturing companies. They spend part of their work day on the computer, using spreadsheets and tracking schedules and inventory sheets. They also spend a percentage of their day e-mailing and speaking with suppliers, warehouse managers, and other department managers. Their work schedule is generally business hours during weekdays, bu...


Supply chain managers will continue to be needed to manage and improve production processes. Competition for work will be keen so those with a bachelor's degree in supply chain management and certification will have the best job prospects. Supply chain managers are in particular demand now due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has disrupted global supply chains. Unusually high demand for certa...