Green Hotel/Resort Ecomanagers


Green Hotel/Resort Ecomanagers


Ecomanagers of green hotels and resorts oversee all aspects of resorts, hotels, inns, and other accommodations that are eco-friendly. Resorts, hotels, and other accommodations qualify for this designation if they use features such as wind and solar power, have strict recycling programs, and display other sustainable practices. Ecomanagers hire and oversee all staff, including housekeeping, kitchen, and wait staff; grounds maintenance; public relations; and reservations. They plan, develop, and promote marketing programs, and manage ...

Quick Facts


Median Salary



Employment Prospects



Minimum Education Level

Bachelor's Degree



Internship or staff experience at an eco-friendly hotel



Business Management


Personality Traits



The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does not provide salary statistics specific to ecomanagers, but reports that lodging managers averaged $53,390 per year as of May 2018. The lowest paid 10 percent earned annual incomes of $30,860 and the top paid 10 percent earned $102,410 or higher. Managers' salaries vary depending on years of experience. Those with expertise in certain areas ...

Work Environment

An ecomanager's work is never done. They often start their days early and end late in the evenings. They also work weekends and are on call 24/7 in case emergencies arise and they are needed on hand to resolve problems. The ability to evaluate problems and make effective decisions quickly is paramount in the work. Ecomanagers are also on-site for resort events such as weddings, and may work par...


Little or no change in employment is expected for hotel managers through 2028, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. There will continue to be opportunities for lodging managers at eco-hotels/resorts as interest in sustainable travel and green destinations continues to grow. More eco-resorts are opening every year and will need managers to oversee operations. Competition is expected to be ...